gratia Posted: Jun 17 2004, 02:50 PM
Author is an Japanese, anonymous, I call him/her "65" ,call this tool
set "65Tools" here. There are two program in the tool set:

A great ACT editor, easy use than xzvf. actOR can UNDO/REDO, loading
refer files, copy one action to another...and so on.

A command line program GRF/GPF extractor, type "pakext -h" for more
infomation. When customize file type grf/gpf setup well, it's very
convenient to click and then extract/encode(?)/preview/list GRF/GPF

Both of them are Japanese soft(can use in win98.)(actOR have English version after 2004/7/26), source code attached. You can edit the source for compile an English version. Compile a pakext Linux version is also possible.

Download: ecex file/source code
(Need waiting 30 sec to download. File will be deleted if nobody download for more than 30 days.)

When you redistribute 65Tools, please attach source code.

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

File type and action

It's possible to add file types in windows that you can open SPR/GRF/
GPF files with double click. For example, I place 65Tools in
"C:\Program Files\65ArcData\", my setting is:

"C:\Program Files\65ArcData\actOR.exe" "%1"

"C:\Program Files\65ArcData\pakext.exe" -E "%1"

"C:\Program Files\65ArcData\pakext.exe" -C "%1"

More information please see readme_pakext.txt(in binary package.)

Little memo of actOR

You can use refer files only when you put some sprite file set in the
direction of 65Tools, for example:

C:\Program Files\65ArcData\ref_head.spr
C:\Program Files\65ArcData\ref_head.act

user posted image
Only ref_head will change position with open file's extraX/extraY.
More information please see readme_actor.txt(in binary package.)

Examples of pakext
  • List files
    pakext -t data.grf
    pakext -t data.grf > datagrflist.txt
  • Extract while grf
    pakext data.grf
  • Extract a part of grf which Match key word.
    pakext -m .spr data.grf
    pakext -m .act data.grf
    pakext -m sprite data.grf
  • Charactors preview
    pakext -C data.grf
    You will get a great RO doll system after run this
  • Delete a Part of files
    pakext -s sdata.grf data.grf
    Will get an new sdata.grf= (old sdata.grf) - (files were also in data.grf)
More information please see readme_pakext.txt(in binary package.)

Sorry for poor English and poor Japanese.

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