For those who intersting in developing xzvf --

From deufeufeu's message, setup a environment for run xzvf source need:

After all this is done you can just double-click on to run the application, all changes made to source are immediate in this way.

According to deufeufeu's message, I got those files and install them step by step:
  1. Python-2.3.3.exe
  2. PyPIL-1.1.4.win32-py2.3.exe
  4. wxPythonWIN32-
  5. numarray-0.9.win32-py2.3.exe
  6. OpenGLContext-2.0.0b1.win32-py2.2.exe
* You may find newer version in the future.
* wxPython have two versions, I choice wxPython without unicode.

You don't need to reboot besides install wxPython in win98. After install them, I can run directly and try to edit its source to see what different.

If you what to complie as xzvf.exe , you still need install py2exe:

  1. py2exe-0.4.2.win32-py2.3.exe
There was already in deufeufeu's xzvf source , so you just run this commend in xzvf source dir to complie xzvf:
python py2exe
After done, you can find those binary files in path dist/xzvf/
You need copy dirs plugins(copy from your xzvf source) ,OpenGL, doc and file glut32.dll (copy from older xzvf or search by google) together with those binary files.

Then the newly complied xzvf.exe can run on other pc without install python.

by Gratia Huang, 2004/04/16