EP9.9 the Guard of MayaXD

Here is an English index but most context are still in BIG5 Chinese(traditional). If you would like read those notes in other language, please try: WorldLingo, Excite, BabelFish, G-BOC ,etc.= =;
Please keep self-effacement for this site.
Images in this site are most remade from Gravity's Online game "Ragnarok Online", Copyright @ Gravity.
I make those pasticcio because I do love RO's sprites, I opine that it's a kind of fan art. The meaning of try to customize RO for me is make my dreams come true. I'm not intention to encroach upon Gravity's rights.
Besides, images not change themselves without someone edit. I take much time on editing those images, the working is mine, please give me credit when you redistribution or modify them, don't just take them and say your make it, thanks!
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Old Sprite Uploader / Message Board(Dead)

Base procedure of customerize yor Ragnarok Online:

Extract files Extract files which you wanto edit from GRF/GPF (ex. data.grf). Tool can be use: pakext(Suggest!), GrfTool, GrfFactory, Grfio, etc.
Edit SPR Sprite Edit: Convert SPR to BMP then edit them with any image editer you like, for example PhotoShop, MS Paint, etc.
SPR<=>BMP: RoSprToolKit(Suggest!), wWw, SprTool(by marmat), SprTool4.6(by ximosoft), SPR Conview
SPR==>BMP: SprViewer, grfiio
SPR<==BMP: xzvf, bmp2spr
ACT Action Edit: actOR(Suggest!), xzvf, SprTool4.6(by ximosoft)
PAL Pallete Edit: RoSprToolKit + PhotoShop; wWw + EDGE
Other I'm not pay attention to the customize of Kafras' illust, effect, and so on. Find those in other site if you need.
Use the edited file you can place the edited files into RO take use of readfolder config(Suggest!), grfio's "置換", GrfFactory's patch, etc.
If you don't know waht GRF/SPR/ACT is, please read Base Knowledge first.

My Notes:
My Customerized Sprite: (Newer -> Older)
Tools: (newer one up)

Basic Knowledge:
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