That why the USA is able to use Ukraine and other countries against Russia. That is why the main stream media is silent about crimes perpetrated against Russia.

That is why mainly honest people are helping Russia today.

Very smart people, who could easily protect Russia, are often too corrupt and act against Russia.

I hope you are right when you say that Russia can survive all these attacks of the USA and the West against Russia, but, unfortunately, these is a lot of evidence of vulnerability of Russia: the government of Russia cannot protect Russians because it is influenced by the West too much: they keep their money in the West, teach their children in the West, etc.

The USA does not invade Russia militarily yet, there may not be a need for the USA to do that if they control Russian government, they destroyed the USSR without invading it.

All honest people must act now before it is too late. Here in Indonesia the USA and the West do the same evil things as they do in Russia and Ukraine: massive terror against the local people, bribing the governments, creating wars, etc.

Today the Western propaganda tries to persuade the freedom fighters to surrender but many people and I know that if the freedom fighters surrender, they will be tortures, imprisoned for even and executed. I have experienced tortures and illegal imprisonments in the West and in the Western Ukraine many times even during the comparatively peaceful times.

Today, during the time of massive open terror against all honest people, this is even truer.

The main separatists and terrorists in Ukraine are sponsored by the West and not by Russia: many Western parts of Ukraine are about to join Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, etc. In Western Ukraine today the worst crime is separatism, not mass murders, not tortures, not other violation of much more basic human rights than the right of the USA and the West to control all territory of the former Ukraine.

I personally, cannot visit Ukraine, the country of my birth. I am just an absolutely honest man, having absolutely nothing to hide.

Ukrainian stupidity is used by the USA, hiring many Ukrainians, who are willing to risk their lives for very little money, doing obviously evil things. Many of my family members cannot visit Ukraine because of the terror, organized in Ukraine by the USA.

This is obvious violation of the basic human rights.

Ukrainians are attacking Russia, which will probably respond, making life of Ukrainians even more difficult.

Ukrainian politicians are extremely stupid and irresponsible people, making things much worse.

It is natural for a stupid person to be extremely angry and violent.

They do not value lives of neither Ukrainians, no Russians, falsely hoping that they will never be brought to justice for their crimes.

I am just trying to protect the basic human rights of many people, like me.

In Ukraine there probably are some of the most outrageous violations of human rights in the world because Ukraine is used by the USA to attack Russia.

Ukrainian extremists are comparatively harmless stupid people used by the most dangerous people in the world to massively kill Ukrainians and Russians. The levels of education, science and technologies have dropped dramatically in Ukraine, where even PhD theses are often lies and rubbish.

That is why Ukrainians are so violent; they cannot express themselves in any good way.

By smart people I mean those people who can solve technological problems better, those who can get more money and military power.

They can be predatory psychopaths at the same time. That is why honest people must unite for the self-defense.

Ukrainians do not value their own lives; they do not respect themselves and other people, which is why it is easy for the USA to bribe Ukrainians to perpetrate the atrocities of mass murders.

I am stunned how disrespectful Ukrainians are to each other. Even in the poorest countries in the world I did not see such disrespect to their own country- men and -women.

That is why it is so easy to make Ukrainians fight against each other.